Brass Monkey Series Starter

Sunday morning, crisp and bright saw an intrepid group of Bexhill Club sailors drag their boats  to the shoreline for races 1 and 2 of this winter race series at 8.30 am.

The usual moans of light breakfast, no breakfast and hoped for breakfast after the racing sounded from the 14 sailors rigging a wide selection of boats.

Save in the Slow Fleet the results for both races were the same. So of the Cats, Flo Wright took 1st, with Mark Scheldt and a chilly  Lucy Spencer 2nd.

In the Fast Fleet Whitham’s Supernova  was “super”, first, whilst Jim Copeman and Simon Hookey second in the RS, but struggled to get the boat really moving, or was the helm blaming his crew?

Mike Copeman ran his race from the beach. Launching was  very tricky with an onshore wind and much surf. Mike, as supportive as ever, helped launch everyone before realising there was no one left to help him. So he didn’t.

John Stebbing fluffed the start and seemed to be sailing backwards in race 1. He called it a day to find on the reason his Laser was a trifle slow had resulted from finding the “bunge” in his pocket and not in the boat! 20 minutes later the boat was dry, but the start to race 2 had long gone.

The Slow Fleet saw Richard Eagleton in a Europe first, with Bob and Barbara Palmer second and Shaun Washer, from the cadets, a very good third. Large waves and shifting wind direction and strength created a difficult mix for the sailors, and not least Shaun in his Topper.

The Slow Fleet also saw Novice Lee Roberts in his Europe take 4th, but losing that spot to Steve Boniface at the last mark, after capsizing at just the wrong time.

The moral of the story this week-be careful where you put your bunge!