Cadets Massacre the winter waters


As winter start many sailors stop sailing, however the sailing doesn’t stop for the Bexhill Cadet Team! Piers, Felix and Oliver, part of the amazing cadet team, went up to Bough Beech for some intense sail training where they learnt about perfecting their roll tacks and learning about it’s benefits. Then Felix and Piers carried on throughout January and February battling out the force 5-7 winds, often finding themselves upside down. Despite all this it didn’t stop the “hardy” sailors from carrying on. Overall Felix came 25th and Piers came 30th out of 82. In mid March the bantafull trio went to another winter training session organized by I.T.C.A for a day, then the terrible twosome (Felix and Piers) sailed a fierce regional traveler series event filled with high class sailors the next day; again organized by I.T.C.A. In the race both Felix and Piers put into practice the skills they learnt from the training. They learnt more about the fundamentals e.g kicker, downhaul, outhaul. Felix secured a 12th with Piers right behind him. In conclusion the Trio rated it ten out of ten would sail in winter again.

Watch out at Bexhill as we put our new skills to the test – Piers & Felix