Conventional fast fleet

Hi I’m Allen Hare the Fast conventional fleet rep for the year.

You can contact me on with any questions or query you have about the fleet or club.

Bexhill sailing club have made the split between fast and slow for this year at the Laser radial PY number of 1117. This means both the Laser standard and radial sailed boats are in the fast conventional fleet and start with the Asymmetric fleet, normally second start.

I am producing a monthly newsletter for the fleet which comes out soon after the sailing committee meeting each month around mid-month. If you would like one please email me

Hope to see you all on the water


Watch News

  • Cadets 2017

    2016 AGM Cadet Report CADETS at BSC 2017 Cadets meet on most Thursday evenings plus some weekend sessions from April until mid-September, from 6 til 9pm. Our registration evening this year is Thursday March 30th 6-8pm when we’ll give you all the information you need to join in. A parent guardian needs to come along …More »

  • Club help Celebrate The sea!

    Whilst some of us where rescuing capsized boats, many were on the lawns of the De La Warr for the Festival Of The Sea. The club also turned up to show people how to enjoy the sea. We brought along a 2000 to show what people new to sailing would experience. You could also see …More »

  • Cadets Massacre the winter waters

    As winter start many sailors stop sailing, however the sailing doesn’t stop for the Bexhill Cadet Team! Piers, Felix and Oliver, part of the amazing cadet team, went up to Bough Beech for some intense sail training where they learnt about perfecting their roll tacks and learning about it’s benefits. Then Felix and Piers carried …More »

  • Cadet news!!!

    This is where all news regarding cadets will appear from now on (yay)!!!

  • The new watch system

    Hi Team  You may or may not be aware that the way in which the club organises duties is changing. The old watch system is being replaced by an online system which you will log into and choose the duties you wish to do. These will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Many …More »