Get Sailing Group – Novices and the Nervous! New this Season

The Get Sailing Group is a new feature in this year’s programme. It’s an idea to help build confidence and skills for anyone who is wary of joining in the racing. Anyone who doesn’t want to race can join in.

This is how it works:

Organise a Club boat – or use your own boat.

Sign on the special GSG Sheet.

You’ll be briefed by an Instructor before you go afloat.

The Instructor in a RIB will take you to an area clear of the race course.

The Instructor will lead you in exercises to improve your skills and confidence.

Come ashore and sign off the GSG Sheet (so we know you haven’t emigrated to the EU).

De-brief, and “Aprés” GSG over a cup of tea.

The first Get Sailing Group is on Easter Monday 17th April at 14:00. It starts at the same time as the last two Easter Egg races. That means you get ready, rig, launch, with the people who are getting ready to race. Everyone helps everyone else.

If the weather is against us, we can do things ashore instead.

Contact me at if you have any questions. See you on the water!

 Richard Eagleton