“Art And Craft” The Seascape presentation on the water

Bexhill Sailing club participated in a Art and craft event outside the De La Warr Pavilion commissioned by International Artist Simon Patterson called Seascape on Saturday 18th May 2017.

The Seascape event itself was watched by a substantial live audience at the DLWP and I was informed that there was an official photographer and video taken of the event so should be some great photos and news.

For those of you who have not visited the exhibition there are 4 great photos that show us in the rehearsals (4 weeks ago) with coloured smoke that form a major part of the overall commission. There is also a great banner outside the DLWP with one of the photos and an in association with Bexhill Sailing Club on it – we couldn’t have asked for better profile which is all free of charge. We had a great article in the observer this week. We who participated thoroughly enjoyed our new experience and we have had great feedback from all who saw the event both Members and none members.

The event at the club afterwards saw 60 plus people attend the fish and chips and Prosecco including the Director of DLWP and senior members of the Bexhill Chamber of Commerce. I am positive that this will lead and generate interest in the club in a number of different ways and I personally discussed Photography (commissioning a picture of BSC & DLWP from the sea) to generating an income for us, also I discussed hiring the club by commercial organisations and membership with those that attended. A good sum of money was spent behind the bar generating good income on Saturday night and the club was full.


Simon Patterson the Artist has promised us a photograph signed which is alone potentially an investment for the Sailing Club and also something that we can use as marketing tool and hang as a picture in the club. I believe that we have now forged a strong relationship with DLWP and this could potentially lead to more interesting and different events moving forward.

Finally I think that this shows that it’s not just about racing every weekend – those that participated included a cross section of members both old and young and am keen to look at other sailing ideas that are inclusive to our members that encourage everyone onto the water – any ideas would be gratefully received. 
Those that participated over the practice and on the day included 
Robin Harris
Felix Scheldt
Richard Eagleton
Lucy Spencer
Tony Witham
Steve Boniface
Tony Lane
Angus Radford
Flo Wright
Abigail Wright
Malcolm Brookes
Chris Burchell
Mike Adams
Bob Palmer
Piers Shoesmith
RIB crews:
Steve Cole
Mark Scheldt
Heroic helpers on the beach with launching and recovery:
Simon Ludkin
Michael Copeman
Bill Eele


The Commodore