Surf, sea, and then sailing

Sundays Autumn series races 5 and 6 ran back to back. Just as well, what with heavy surf to get your dinghy to break through off the beach, then quite a swell meant only one launch for two races. 17 boats took to the water, including novice Lee Roberts, who is really getting the feel for his Europe. He joined veteran Neil Smith, but otherwise the Slow Fleet was made up with two  Comets, a Miracle, a Byte CII and a Hartley on trial.

It was a double first for the Palmers Miracle, but Chris Burchell took a very good second.

The Cat’s included 2 Dart 16A’s and an RS Cat 16. But double first again for Tony Lane and Lynn Jarvis, whilst Geof Padgam and Angus Radford took a second and third, and Mark Scheldt, and Lucy Spencer fresh back from practising in warmer Greek seas, ”vice versa”.

It was Laser Radial sails this week, with 5 out at sea, with Rob Harrison demonstrating the “swimming” approach to launching, a precursor to enforced capsize swimming later in race 2. Notwithstanding Rob took first in the Fast Fleet in race 5, and caught up sufficiently from his boat control problems to take 3rd in race 6.

John Reeves took a first and second place, reflecting improved race technique after his away day at the Open event up the coast.

The Club moves now to Early Worm races at the weekend, 7.30 am Saturday, and 8 am Sunday, before more Autumn Series races on 8/10/17 at 12 and 2.30 p m.

The Friday Quiz and  bar are not to be missed this evening.

Interested in sailing, call in for a chat when the flags flying.