Three Days sailing in widely varied conditions lead to colourful results

Saturday saw the start of the Whitsun Short Series, with back to back racing of the Cat, Fast and Slow Fleets.

15 boats made the start. Rob Shoesmith and Mark Scheldt claimed first, in the RS16, from two chasing Dart’s. Colin Coard and crew took the fast fleet prize in a Tasar, from a Laser2000, and Supernova. Seems there is a growing number of Supernova’s now racing, with Simon Ludlum keen to try out his new acquisition soon.
Richard Eagleton demonstrated his expertise to take first in the slow fleet in his Europe followed closely by Nicola Palmer just   point 33 seconds behind.
Sunday saw 18 skippers contesting two more short races. Both Cat races were claimed again  by Shoesmith. Tony Witham in yet another Supernova took the fast fleet honours. The Miracle of Frost and Europe on Smith took the leads for the slow fleet.
Two more races with a much larger Laser fleet challenged for Mondays honours. Nevertheless it was Tony Withams Supernova who took one race for the fast fleet, whilst Geof Slater improved from 4th , to win the second race. The Cat race went again to the Shoesmith, whilst the lively pair of Ayden Harvey and Joe Turner took the Assymetric double win.
Perhaps a surprise for Miller and Pullen.
Members are hopeful of continued stray breezes this coming weekend with a 7 p m race Saturday and 7.30 am Sunday.
Call in when the flags flying, new members welcome.Thanks