Winter Work Party Jobs 2015/2016 – Update

Winter Work - wide

UPDATE – 30th January 2016

Hi All
The main project tomorrow is the removal and re-building of the sail tubes on the northern wall of the club.
So, if you’re coming down, please bring wood saws, chisels and hammers, cordless drills/screw drivers, a workmate/saw horse would be useful too, plus a few 2″ paint brushes.
See you all at 9.30 ish,


Members – If you are willing to take on the supervision of any of these jobs  (including arranging purchase of any materials needed) then please put your name down and liaise with the relevant Exec Work party lead for the day to organise assistance


  1. Remove decayed plywood shuttering around Cat winch. Refix warning notice
  2. Bring outhaul rope ashore – leave marker on seaward end (low spring tide job)
    Neil S
  3. New turning point for East Winch rope adjacent dwarf wall & guide block on crest
    Richard H
    Relay Outhaul Rope — Start of Season Job: (MARCH)
  4. Neil S
  5. Litter-pick gap between back of Boathouse and promenade
  6. Litter pick between back of Club and promenade
  7. Empty sail tubes at rear of club. Refurbish and make provision to be locked. Liaise with Memsec on who has paid for sail storage
    Malcolm Brookes
  8. Replace blown outside coloured bulbs
  9. Review boat stickers- move offenders to “sin bin” and start process to dispose of any residual craftBeachmaster
  10. Reverse RIB winch wire rope
    Richard Hall
  11. Balcony Railings – remove mesh panels, wire brush railings, repaint blue, replace mesh
  12. Repair wooden railing at top of east fire escape stairsBOATHOUSE
  13. RIB trailer bearing grease/overhaul
    Richard Hall
  14. Review sail storage tubes. Liase with Memsec on who has paid for sail storageINTERNAL
  15.  Machine scrub all gents & ladies floor tiles.
  16. Check/Clear out floor drains in Ladies’ and gents’ changing rooms and showers
  17. Check operation and lubricate back door lock mechanism
  18. Replace blown light fittings in lower hall/stairwell
  19. Replace lighting tubes/starters in gents showers and changing rooms
  20. Puddling/Ponding problem in ladies shower area (re-lay tiles to fall?)

Replace internal service valves with gate valves on water feeds to outside taps (located in boathouse and gents changing)

Work Party dates
Exec  Lead

Saturday 19th December  
09.30 Winterising the Club (ALL)

Saturday 9th January 2016
09:30 Winter Work Party (Watch 4)
Robin Harris

Sunday 17th January
09:30 Winter Work Party (Watch 1)
Mark Scheldt

Saturday 23rd January
09:30 Winter Work Party (Watch2)
Neil Hosie

Sunday 31st January
09:30 Winter Work Party (Watch 5)
Malcolm Brooks

Saturday 6th February
09:30 Winter Work Party (Watch 6)
Jeremy Maynard

Sunday 14th February
09:30 Winter Work Party (Watch 3)
Tim Murray

Saturday 20th February
09:30 Winter Work Party (Watch 4&2)
Paul White

Sunday 28th February
09:30 Winter Work Party (W 1&5)
Mike Adams

Saturday 5th March  
09.30 Winter Work Party (Watch 3&6)

Sunday 13th March 
09.30 Club Preparation Work Party (ALL)